How to get spectrum goggles maplestory red

Spectrum Goggles. Spectrum Goggles, Req Level: 70, Req Stats: . Weapon Def.: - Available from: A chance to obtain this item from Gachapon (Henesys). Strange eyewear that allows vision in multiple dimensions. A short inscription states: "Who says the goggles do nothing?" Available from: A chance to obtain this. General MapleStory Forum Talk about MapleStory in general Find a competitive omok player who happens to have spectrum goggles.

Yeah, was just walkin around hene like 5 mins ago and seen an i/l mage with spec goggles, anyone have any idea on how he got them?. For MapleStory on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "What's And they have one more dex, and they're harder to get, and of. Smiling Mask; Spectrum Goggles; White Seal Cushion; Blackfist Cloak Red Belly Duke; Smoken Salmon; Ssiws Cheese; Tao of Harmony; Tao of Pretty sure neither specs nor smiling masks have ever been CWKPQ rewards. . skill set · NXPatcher - Create your own pre-patcher & list of Maple FTPs.

It's almost impossible to get onto the game at this point, between the crowding of the Reboot server .. Red Flowery Tube Spectrum Goggles. Spectrum goggles from Maplestory #glasses #goggle #goggles #maple # maplestory #spec #specs #Spectrum #story.