How to get alien registration number korea

If you want to stay in korea more than 90 days, you are required to register at a It usally takes 3 or 4 days for the applicant to get the Alien Registration card. In order to legally stay in South Korea for a period of more than 90 days, a visa and obtain an identity card known as an alien registration card (ARC). Once you arrive at the right level, check your call number on the list of. In the Republic of Korea, a resident registration number (RRN) is a digit number issued to all Foreigners (except those affiliated with the U.S. military) receive an alien registration number upon registration with a city office, which serves as.

Who needs to apply for Alien Registration Card (ARC)? Foreigners who will be staying in Korea for more than 90 days (i.e work/study) are required to apply for. The ARC, or a foreigner registration card, is your ID card in Korea. *If you are under the age of 17, you can get an Alien Registration Registration Number: first six digits(birth date) – last seven digits(personalized number). A resident registration number (Korean: 주민등록번호, Jumin Deungrok the U.S. military) receive an alien registration number, which serves as a substitute.

Go back to the main page of this article. Alien Registration Cards. Anyone planning to stay in Korea for 91 days or longer is required to obtain an alien. This process should be done as soon as possible once you have An ARC ( Alien Registration Card) is a Korean national identification card. You will get your foreign registration number on your ARC (Alien Registration Card). This is all done after you arrive in Korea. You will need to. The process for getting your Alien Registration Card is a tad at the application counter when your number appears on the counter screen.