How to cut aluminium venetian blinds

File any rough edges with a metal file. However . How do I cut an individual slat in my metal horizontal blind? How much can I cut off any Venetian blinds?. Instructional guide to cutting down blinds that are too wide. Learn how to cut down the slats and the headrail. I have been wanting to put up blinds for ages, but while I may have plenty of time for other projects, there's never enough time to do my own personal fix-ups and.

There are many reasons a person will want to cut metal venetian blinds. However , there is one common theme throughout the venetian blind world: because. Even if the store will cut the blind down, if you want to maintain the rounded or splayed corners that are often on the slats of pvc and aluminium blinds then you. For a homeowner who does not have expensive saws, the easiest way to cut down the type of blind you mentioned is to use a pair of tin snips on the metal head.

Does any one know if there is a video on how to cut venetian blinds to size,i did a search on youtube but could not find one,i bought a slat cutter. I'm thinking about updating my vertical blinds to the venetian type, and there seems to be Don't know if you mean the wooden or metal ones.