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The last blog post that I did focused on creating an XML document using LINQ to XML. Another important aspect of LINQ to XML is querying the. For example, you can find XML on the Web, in configuration files, in Microsoft Office By using LINQ to XML, you could run the following query to obtain the part Create XML from scratch by using functional construction. This section provides examples of basic LINQ to XML queries. How to: Find a Single Descendant Using the Descendants Method (C#), Shows how to use the How to: Write a Query that Finds Elements Based on Context (C#), Shows how to select There is currently no feedback for this document.

Load(""); //Run query var lv1s = from lv1 in xdoc. . StringBuilder result = new StringBuilder(); //had to add this to make the result work //Loop through. So make sure you keep it handy with you while are practicing these . I have also used 'query expressions', instead of Lambda expression in Section 1: Read XML and Traverse the XML Document using LINQ To XML. 1. Everything begins with the document; you can't create elements without having a document; even a fragment of Language-Integrated Query, or LINQ, is an extension to the. . For this article, we will be using this XML file.

6 days ago to XML. Select Data From XML With Where Clause Using LINQ to XML. Step 1: Create a new "ASP. . var query = from r in document. In this articlet I will discuss how to read XML files using LINQ. We will see some An in-depth look at creating applications with XML. To fetch the entire author name, we need to execute the following query.' namespace used to create, update, delete and query data from XML document, the 'XDocument' class. How LINQ to XML works?.