Where is cultist refuge

Located In Continent: Southern Arun Province: Val Aureum Zone: Aurum Road Sub-Zone: Dark Cathedral Cultists' Refuge is a 5-man dungeon that becomes. Cultists' Refuge - Tera: Cultists' Refuge is the third instanced dungeon you'll encounter and is meant for three to five characters, levels I have gotten the vanguard that says do cultists refuge i am lvl 38 but i dont have the god damn quest line to allow me to sign up for the damn.

Cultists' Refuge is the third dungeon that you will encounter in TERA. It's suitable for players to level range Overview The Scions of Lok. Teleports you to the Cultists' Refuge entrance near Vindicator Redoubt in the Grand Chapel of the Dark Cathedral. Sale value: 10 silver 00 bronze. Buy price: 1. For TERA on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Cultist's Refuge glitch..".

Cultists' Refuge 35 - Location: Aurum Road, Val Aureum (at the bottom of the Dark Cathedral)