Where did top of the morning originate

Do Irish people ever use the term "Top of the Morning?" So where did the greeting come from, and why is it so ubiquitous in popular culture?. The phrase is Irish in origin but now very rarely used in Ireland (except as a sterotypical "Irishism"). It simply means "the best of the morning to you" - perhaps . This term should be considered apocryphal of Irish speech and is a stereotype. While popularly used in the United States when imitating Irish people, or when.

Top of the Morning may refer to: Top of the Morning (book), a non-fiction book about This page was last edited on 2 December , at (UTC). This saying actually comes from New Zealand. They believe that they are at the top of the world not the bottom and hence say, "Top of the Morning." Over the. When you wish someone the "Top of the Morning," you arewishing them the best part of the morning. Where does 'top o the morning to you' come from?.

Irish slang for "good morning. A phrase nobody has ever actually really said in ireland because it was made up by big-shot holywood johnny:"i cant believe them yankees are so retarded they actually think we say top o' the mornin' to ya". “Top o' the morning to ya!” Just a simple hello will do. Irish people it when you say “Does it ALWAYS rain in Ireland?” No, that's just what we. Irish and Irish Americans tend to throw around phrases like "Slainte" and "Top of the morning to ye" but how many of us really know what these. Bing Crosby - Top O' The Morning: His Irish Collection - Music. Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon .. Did Your Mother Come From Ireland?.