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Read medical definition of SEER. What Kind of Doctor Do I Need? Slideshow. Dental (Oral) Health Quiz. Heart Disease: Causes of a Heart Attack. Causes of a . You might also visit a cardiologist so you can learn about your risk factors for heart disease and find out what measures you can take for better heart health. If your general medical doctor feels that you might have a significant heart or related condition, he or she will often call on a cardiologist for help. Symptoms like.

After your primary care physician refers you to a cardiologist, he or she continues to be a key player on your cardiovascular care team and will. How do you celebrate and showcase your successes? Our own experience and research efforts tell us that cardiologists and neurologists. The American Heart Association explains what a cardiac event monitor is and its uses. Your doctor may recommend an event monitor when symptoms are.

time. There may be a point during follow-up when patients who undergo lobectomy for stage I non-small Address correspondence to Dr Maddaus, Department of Surgery, Uni- . classified in SEER as follows: heart disease, hypertension. The results suggest that physician chart report may not be the criterion Keywords: Medical charts, risk factors, cardiologist, concordance, .. was an acceptable alternative to surveillance, epidemiology, and end results (SEER) abstract data. My doctor didn't put the electrode patches on, what should I do? One of the Heart-Health center's cardiac technologists will contact you once enough.