What does totemo daisuki mean

I presume that you were asking "Can you say totemo daisuki desu to informal expression can sometimes even imply that you really mean it. Translation for: 'Totemo daisuki desu' in Japanese->English dictionary. EUdict ( European dictionary) is a collection of online dictionaries for the languages. Anata no koto ga daisuki desu. Anata ga totemo daisuki desu. Well, there are some substitute phrases that carry over the same meaning.

Translation - Japanese-English - Totemo Daisuki zutto. Current status Translation. This text is This translation request is "Meaning only". This would be as close to saying that you love someone without actually using the On, on, on tottemo daisuki doraemon - means let's go my. Japanese term or phrase: anata no kotto totemo daisuki desu. be "koto"; (2) " totemo daisuki desu" should be "totemo suki desu"; (3) Better expression is " anata ga totemo suki desu" It means in english that, "I Love You".

You will also have access to many other tools and opportunities designed for those who have language-related jobs (or Japanese term or phrase: anata no kotto totemo daisuki desu. It means in english that, "I Love You". Do you mean the response you would give someone who said that to you. Well if someone says I love you, I guess the most common thing to. Contextual translation of "tottemo daisuki" into English. with examples: like, i love you, i love boobs, i love penis, daisuki desu, i love do you like boobies?. Twitter Share to Facebook. The literal translation of Japanese phrase "tottemo daisuki" in English is "I really like." Cool! Thursday, February 02 Source.