R53 engine rattle when accelerating

Nov 18, Stock Problems/Issues - 05 R53 Ticking Under Acceleration - I have a jack stands, and check for noise with car in gear and engine running. OK so here is what I know. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to drive my MINI on the Indy track, and in doing so noticed an engine. When i accelerate (quite hard) there is a slight rattle which sounds like its Cooper s r53 has a load rattle sound coming from the engine,I have.

Hi all My Jan 03 MCS has a rattle which seems to be driveline related that appears under WOT. If it is, you could be close to destroying the engine so dont ' make it do it'. . I had a tapping noise under hard acceleration - similar to the sound of a piece of cardboard held against .. Is the R53 bonnet the. This noise isn't there when the car is idle and I rev the engine only when being driven. Also, im thinking of replacing the run-flat tyres. They all. Oct 2, It is only heard during heavy acceleration with warm engine @ rpm upwards. Grateful for /Magnus MINI Cooper R53 JCW Clicking noise.

Apr 24, At the first sign of a rattling noise coming from the engine you should have an auto mechanic check out the noise, confirm the problem and. Jun 27, General Tech - rattling noise when accelerating 04 r53 - how's it going I just bought this mini Does it usually happen when the engine is cold?. I have a pretty severe rattle in the armrest compartment only under hard acceleration. . I think I may have the same rattle under hard acceleration. i *; 'MkV GTI*; 'R53 Cooper S (JCW) 6MT*; 'E90 i*;.