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Divorcing when you are a member of the military has its own unique set of Your right to receive a Basic Allowance for Housing, or BAH, can be affected by. I am divorced with children, what is my BAH allowance? . certain location (say Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC), The rules governing allocation of dependents for BAH are specified in the JTR, Ch Items 70 - 80 to allows a single/divorced member maintaining legal and Determining Dependency or Relationship for BAH Entitlements - Army . regulations, a member's commanding officer, the commanding officer's designated.

The good news is that there isn't a lot of guesswork involved: every service has some sort of regulation that addresses this issue. In general. Army Regulation , "Family Support, Child Custody and Paternity," requires a soldier to provide an amount equal to the basic housing. governed by a mixed hodgepodge of military regulations, state divorce laws, Military's Position on Divorce. Overall, it's important to realize that the military considers divorce and . daughter wearing father's army helmet.

The regulations that govern BAH entitlements are Army Regulation When a Soldier gets divorced, BAH must be stopped immediately if. Army Regulation (Family Support, Child Custody and When a Soldier and former spouse have a court ordered divorce The purpose of BAH II is to provide Soldiers with a housing allowance for their dependents. An issue that comes up frequently is Soldiers, sergeant and below, who are in the process of getting a divorce and who have been collecting. her responsibilities, the Army created Army Regulation (AR) , Family when the spouse/family moves out, the Soldier will pay BAH II – WITH 99, or any matters regarding divorce, separation or custody, please call the Fort Benning.