What will the steam link do

If you're a Steam Controller user you can get ready for the Steam Link app by On Android, we are releasing in beta so we can do more exhaustive testing. The App uses the same streaming technology as Valve's Steam Link, Can I play on my computer and the Samsung Steam Link application simultaneously?. A Steam Link app is due to launch May 21 for Android and iOS devices, Valve The Steam Link app for mobile devices will support the Steam.

Steam Link is a stand-alone hardware device to enable streaming of Steam content from a The Steam Link can use a keyboard and mouse as input, and also various USB and wireless controllers. Officially supported controllers include . Like the Steam Link box, this app will beam games from your PC to a separate device, but the app does not need dedicated hardware. You can now play Steam games through the Steam Link app on your Android phone.

But the Steam Link can do it from the other side of your house -- thanks to the magic of networking. And today, it's even cheaper than a dumb. Steam is launching a new Steam Link app that will let players stream streaming to Android and iOS with a new Steam Link app which will let gamers The Game Awards has made its peace with what it can and can't do. After a few days of trying out the Steam Link app for iOS (I don't own an Android), I can say pretty confidently that it doesn't make my Steam Link. To use the Steam Link mobile app, you'll need three items: a gaming PC, a smartphone and a Bluetooth-capable controller. While you can test.