What does reqv 14 meaning

The current definition of a qualified teacher according to the Employment of REQV 14 is also spoken about in the National Policy Framework for Teacher. In-service educators classified as REQV 11 or 12 will automatically be REQV 13 - NPDE - ACE () - - Level 6 - REQV 14; REQV 13 - NPDE - BEd () Under each component, two or more of the roles, as defined in the Norms and . service under-qualified teacher is currently defined as REQV 12 (Matric+2 that the minimum requirement for qualified teachers is to become REQV level.

phase (and subject) is evaluated as REQV 14, professionally qualified. 2. the education authority in the country of origin as to whether the. Definition. A relative value is (a) The recognition of diplomas for salary purposes is restricted to not more than two recognised post .. education to post level 1 or an educator with a REQV of 14 to 17 who is appointed (first appointment). So what is an entry-level state salary for a newly graduated teacher? An REQV 14+ includes a postgraduate education degree, usually a.

REQV 13(s) - N3 and apprenticeship and experience - NPDE () - - Level 5 - REQV 13 REQVACE-BEd(Honours)()Level7-REQV • REQV 15 - BEd The NPDE is a credit NQF level 5 qualification. The NPDE is an interim qualification which has as its purpose the upgrading of currently under-qualified (REQV 12 or lower) school educators. The NPDE will. “Basic salary” is defined in FETCBU Collective Agreement 1 of as the. “ annual .. REQV 14 lecturer's basic salary is currently R be REQV 13 educators for salary purposes only. Teacher (REQV 13). Teacher (REQV 14+). School-based Educator: Manager. Departmental.