Howard gernette and rosemary ross

Rosemary and Howard Gernette spent 16 years on the air together at WISN-TV. Howard once got a letter from a woman who thought that "Rosemary Ross" and " Rosemary Gernette" were two different people, and that. Undated photo of Howard and Rosemary Gernette, longtime WISN-TV aired on other TV stations, she changed her last name, too — to Ross.

Howard Gernetzke was born in Wausau, Wisconsin on December 31, , son of Bernard and Ella (Grunewald) Gernetzke. Rosemary Radandt Gernetzke. Rosemary Gernetzke, aka Rosemary Gernette and Rosemary Ross, died back in May at age She and her husband Howard Gernetzke were. What was the puppet that Howard Gernette worked with on the air prime, Rosemary Ross (alias Mrs Howard G) was ummmmmm a very.

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