How to use ball joint pickle fork

Do not use a pickle fork on a reusable part. If you are removing the joint in order to replace or service something else, the pickle fork will only. The easiest way to separate a ball joint is to hit the knuckle straight on. Hit it like you Are you sure you are using the right size pickle fork?. I have always used a pickle fork and have always destroyed the . Like you I always used to use pickle forks for ball joints and always tore the.

Splitting an Auto Ball Joint Taper: This instructable shows the easy way to taper on an automotive style steering/suspension balljoint without using special tools. Beats the heck out of a pickle fork (ball joint removal tool street name) I cant. Use a pickle fork to remove the upper and lower ball joints by knocking them loose; learn how from our expert custom-car mechanic in this free. use the fork tool. tonyimpala, May 16, . A pickle fork works well but often tears up the boot on the ball joint. Mr48chev, May 16,