How to use action replay on dstwo

Is there any program or way to enter action replay codes? I ask because I am playing a rom hack version of pokemon (Spirit Gold and Blaze. So I'm thinking about buying a Supercard DSTWO Plus but I haven't been able to find much direct information as to whether or not it is. Step 1: When the need to modify a value of the game, press hotkey (default is L + R + start) enter DSTWO in-game menus, enter Free Cheat. Step 2: Enter the.

Among so many flashcart, dstwo in term of features are best, With many excellent plugins, as well as Then you'll see a whole list of cheats. You can merge the codes into one - the values are written all the same. Use this program to download yourself a cheat database for your DS. At long last, I can release my Supercard DSTwo review. . A user name Matt created an application to create cheats using Action Replay.

I have a supercard dstwo and I put the file into the _dstwo folder but the cheats aren't showing up still. Did I do something wrong?. Use R4i SDHC or SuperCard DStwo or AceKard 3 to play GB, GBC and GBA games GAMEBOY games on 3DS NDS DSi - Gameboy Cheats - Action Replay .