How do you remove items on ebay

You can cancel an eBay fixed price listing at any time, but auction listings There are bids on your item and you don't want to sell it to the highest bidder, but . How to Remove an Item from eBay. As an eBay seller, you may need to delete or remove an item's listing from eBay if you find that you either made a mistake. eBay provides a simple and safe platform for businesses involved in buying and selling goods, either as a primary channel of commerce or as a complementary.

If needed, you can end your listing before the scheduled end date. If there are bids on your item, you can cancel them. Listing fees are generally non- refundable. (Hint: You should have put a reserve price on the item.) There are only two circumstances in which eBay will allow you to cancel a listing without violating policy. When you look at an item on eBay, it gets saved to the Recently Viewed Items list. This allows you to quickly access an item's listing again if you decide to buy it.

How eBay Sellers Can Cancel Bids, Cancel Sales, and Block Buyers many UPIs, sellers may not want to sell to them for fear that they won't pay for the items. View our wide selection of Selection of how to remove item specifics on ebay how to remove item specifics on ebay, all the furniture and. Learn how to remove your recently viewed items and searches on eBay from your browser and from an app in Windows 8.