What is a ga handicap placard

Apply for Georgia disability license plates & parking placards and learn about the Department of Revenue's eligibility requirements. If you have a chronic illness like arthritis or lung disease that makes it painful or difficult to walk, you might qualify for a handicapped parking permit. People with limited mobility can save time, energy, and frustration when they park in handicapped parking spots near the. Visit our website at or scan the QR code above for more Person with Disability Parking Placard/License Plate Application.

Disabled drivers may obtain a DMV handicap parking permit in Georgia by submitting an application through the state Department of Revenue. To obtain a disabled person's license plate or placard (which hangs from the MV9-D (Disabled Person's Parking Affidavit) completed by a Georgia-licensed. Are you eligible for Disabled Person Parking Permits and Plates in Georgia? A licensed doctor or medical professional needs to certify your impaired mobility.

Georgia has its own specific guidelines for how to obtain a disabled for a disabled parking permit and/or license plate in the state of Georgia. Learn how to get a handicapped placard or license plate in the state of Georgia if you are physically impaired or disabled. Georgia handicapped parking sign with details of the penalty for offender Placards for individuals with permanent disability, temporary disability, and disabled. Applying for a handicap parking permit can help people with disabilities. Learn why some people delay and find out how to apply in all