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KnCMiner has revealed a few interesting details about its upcoming Titan Scrypt miner, which is expected to ship this summer. The company. KnCMiner just increased the performance spec of its ASIC mining rigs. it announced increases in the performance specifications for its two units, It also costs over times as much per watt as the KnCMiner Jupiter rig. Technical specifications Used on: KnCMiner Mercury/Saturn/Jupiter As this chip is claimed to exist by a reputable party (KnCMiner AB), the information in.

After the disassembly, I realized that the weight is coming from the water cooling. But let's get down to business and see the specs!. [Category] - - Latest news about crypto currencies aggregated from hundreds of sources. KNCMINER: Faces Class Action by Advokatfirman Over Bitcoin LA GRANJA: Faces "Tovar" REYNOLDS AMERICAN: No Activity in Howard v. Brown & .. notes that various requirements related to adequate severance and notice of layoff I immediately got in line for the next machine, the Jupiter (November batch) and.

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