How to unlock blackberry security code

The security code has NO backdoors for security reasons. Personally I Unfortunately for some strange reason the unlock code is not working. Your BlackBerry device password can't be recovered or changed if you don't enter your current password correctly. For security reasons, the only way that you . Your BlackBerry Curve holds important business documents and personal messages, so it makes sense to protect the phone with a strong security password. To prevent others Reset Password. 1. Enter your password to unlock the phone.

You can get unlock codes from your carrier or from a third party if your carrier contract doesn't Go to Settings, select Security and Privacy, and then SIM Card. Learn how to lock, unlock, and PUK unlock the BlackBerry Bold Find out more on this page: Device lock PUK code unlock SIM PIN Device. Scroll to and tap Security. Tap Password. Tap Set Password. Enter the desired password. Find out more on this page: Device lock PUK code unlock SIM PIN Device Note : You can only change the security code/password when security has already.

Fortunately, BlackBerry created a means to reset your password should you lock You will have to answer your security question and follow the on-screen. Open the Settings; Select Security and Privacy. Select SIM Card. To unlock a device with BlackBerry OS – version other than If the Service Provider Lock Code provided is all zeros, the unlocking procedure has been successful. If not.