Donkey kong 64 how to go underwater

When the surface is at its lowest point or close to it, press C-up. This will keep you in position as the water is moving up again, letting you go beneath the surface. Swim up to a vertical wall and while underwater, press C-Up to enter first person mode. Then press and hold A without moving the joystick to exit first person mode and swim through the wall. Angles greater than allow the player to swim through some walls and force the camera. Attack; pick up barrel/TNT; special charge attack (press and hold, then release); swim slow (underwater); shoot shooter; take picture; Gorilla Grab (in front of.

Gloomy Galleon is the fourth world in Donkey Kong The stage has a mild pirate theme with both underwater and cave-like areas. Players have to use Once there on time he can go in and collect a Golden Banana after a Barrel game.