What does knock yourself out mean

Top definition Get a knock yourself out mug for your daughter-in-law Sarah. 2 say "knock yourself out" as in to do/eat until you pass out (if you really want to). "Knock yourself out" can be used in a variety of situations (not just the one you specified). It can mean the following: Go crazy. Do something with such fervor and. › to make yourself unconscious, usually by hitting your head: If you carry on working like this, you'll knock yourself out. (尤指因為撞到頭部)使自己不省人事, 使筋疲力盡.

Definition of knock yourself out in the Idioms Dictionary. knock yourself out phrase. What does knock yourself out expression mean? Definitions by the largest. English[edit]. Verb[edit]. knock oneself out. (idiomatic) To go ahead; to do as one pleases; (idiomatic, in the imperative) to grant permission for or to give. Make a great effort, as in I was knocking myself out to finish on time. This expression also is put negatively, Don't knock yourself out, meaning “don't exert .

3 US —used to tell someone to go ahead and do something "Do you mind if I use this exercise machine first?" "Knock yourself out.". Bur there is one phrase that I understand only when it's used in one meaning but it surely has other ones. So, the phrase is: "Knock yourself out". Question about English (US) | @pandakoo it's an expression to say for example ' Go ahead' |"knock yourself out" is an idiom typically said when. His mom did not say: "Knock yourself out", pic: Said in a lighter tone without the irony it means more like, sure go.