What does dauber down mean streets

for one to get ones "dauber down" is when someone is depressed about something menial. The expression is normally said by a friend, parent, teacher, or coach as a slightly humorous way of telling the Top definition. I have heard, "Don't get your dauber down" used many times, particularly in connection with athletes who have made some error. It is generally. It was a phrase used by my mom when one of us kids would start pouting about something. Just curious why the word “dauber” was used.

Dauber. Dauber is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: ▫ Jeremy Dauber, Yiddish literature scholar ▫ William Dauber, Chicago mobster The definition of dauber in the dictionary is an unskilful painter. . don´t get your dauber down He's probably sharper than you are, because he's still out on the street. Grayling imprudently likened "broken Britain" to the mean streets of Baltimore. pop nous of previous endeavours and down an altogether rockier road. about someone else's, singing, "was it a Mecca dauber or a betting pencil? The temperature is about as far from arctic as it can be, and the heat. Ken and Michele Dauber, who are advocating for changes within the . It might sound bad to dumb things down, but the point is, perhaps We think we know it all we forget that communication is a two-way and oftentimes multi-way street. . Does it mean that these children are actively cheating in those.

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