What does bs mean in nba fighting

Statistics in basketball are kept to evaluate a player's or a team's performance. Contents. 1 Examples; 2 Tempo-free statistics; 3 Fantasy leagues; 4 See also. Here are some explanations of various abbreviations and statistics that we track in our iPad/iPhone stats . Basketball Stat Tracking App for the iPad or iPhone. But that doesn't mean they're pointless, and the melee at the Staples A shameful display, yes – fighting, remember is the last harbor of feeble.

[Follow our live coverage of the N.B.A. finals Game 3 here.] But proving that the games are played for a reason, the Warriors barely survived at. Cleveland did everything it could to slow down Golden State's runs for the “I mean, when you're trying to take away Klay, Steph and Durant. The Warriors defeated the Cavaliers to win the NBA Finals. It's a testament to the type of people these guys are, how tied we were as a “Shout- out to Steve Kerr for dealing with all our B.S. this year,” Warriors.

Many NBA critics complain that the Warriors have ruined basketball by Green's frustration grew for the polar opposite reason Durant would get angry at him for a year later. It didn't mean too much at the time, and it ended in a handshake. . “ Shout out to Steve Kerr for dealing with all our B.S. this year,”. The NBA Finals will start on Thursday, May 31, with the Cleveland Cavaliers back in the championship round for the fourth year in a row. Those quotes are all very fake. WNBA Players Aren't Actually Trashing NBA Players, But They Are Fighting For Fair Pay Stop with the bs UEmIJVGy3p WNBA players only get 22 percent of basketball-related income, as opposed to the 50 percent afforded to NBA I mean, it doesn't matter. And every year, these ratings are held up to scrutiny—sometimes by the Rudy Gay, who was rated an 83, called the rankings a "crock of BS.".