Lg phone battery replacement how to

Read this info on how to remove the battery of your LG G5. with your left hand, pull on the bottom of the phone to separate the battery from the compartment. To power off, press and hold the Power button until the Phone options From the notch in lower edge of the battery compartment, lift then remove the battery. LG G2 Battery Replacement: Use this guide to successfully replace the battery of the or the thin side of the spudger to separate the back cover from the phone.

LG G6 Battery Replacement: Steps for replacing faulty or failing batteries. Apply the heated iOpener to the edge of the phone for about 2 minutes. Edit. Operation Cell Phones Last Updated 04/19/ The device's back cover as well as the battery are both non-removal by design. For a non-removable battery; if your screen turns black or won't turn on, battery replacement may not be. Always be on with a phone battery from LG. Charge Your Spare or Replacement LG Batteries Personalize and Protect Your Phone With LG Phone Cases.

Keep your day moving forward without interruption with long-lasting LG phone batteries. Power up and stay connected on the go. LG recommends that the battery in your LG G2 be serviced and replaced by either LG or an Pull the SIM card tray completely out of your phone, and set aside.