Howth gun running 1914 christmas

The Howth gun-running involved the delivery of Mauser rifles to the Irish Volunteers at Howth harbour in Ireland on 26 July The unloading of guns. Guns being landed at Howth in The figure at the right is Erskine Childers. Photograph: courtesy of National Museum of Ireland) Easter. The plan was first conceived in April , in response to the Curragh incident on 20 March. Many Irish believed that the British army could not.

Step aboard the historic Asgard yacht in Dublin. Learn about the Howth Gun Running & Irish Volunteers. Meet Erskine Childers & Roger Casement. John Dorney on the Howth gun running, which took place years ago today. On a sunny Sunday in July , the little fishing port at Howth. Howth gun-runningThe Howth gun running, which took place on the 26th of July , was essentially a direct response to the successful.

The Howth gun-running, although on a smaller scale, was heralded as a great success known as the Howth Rifle after the gun-running there in 26 July The Asgard's contribution to Irish history is considerable; the guns it delivered to Howth in would go on to arm the rebels of On June 26, , the Asgard arrived into Howth harbour, filled with guns and and did more to swell the ranks of the Irish Volunteers than the Howth gun- running itself. Ancient Christmas traditions still followed in Ireland.