How to play the dart game killer

Rules of the Game: Each player first tries to hit the double of his or her own number. When this is acheived, the player is known as a "killer" and a K is placed . It's also a superb dart game to play to increase your outing skills for Once a darter is classified as a killer they need to try and kill their. It's different, but still a load of fun and a nice change from just playing the regular form of the game. Killer Darts is also pretty different from.

Traditional pub game Darts - comprehensive instructions for friendly play from Once a player has scored 5 lives, that player is a 'killer' until somebody else. How To Play Killer. This is a fun game suited for 3 players or more. You start throwing with your non dominant hand to get a number. This number is your number. One of our favorite "different"games is called "killer". Everyone gets a number by throwing a dart with their non-throwing hand. Everyone tries to hit their Each player (or team, if more than 6 people) has 3 lives and one extra if they are a Killer.

Want to learn how to play Killer Darts and all its variations? Read all the rules of Killer Darts from the Dart Shop. Killers: Killers is a really fun game designed to be played with 3 or more You become a killer by hitting the double (the thin outer ring) of your number ONCE. The only numbers played in Cricket are 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and the bull. 1. The object is to 'close out' each number by scoring.