How to fish in clear water lakes

One of the most important things for anglers to pay attention to when arriving at the lake or river is the water clarity. Water clarity can impact. Winter can be an extremely tough time to catch bass, especially on turbid water lakes. Fortunately our country is blessed with cold, clear water reservoirs that. Fishing Clear Water Lakes. Have you ever heard someone say that the fish only bite first thing in the mourning or at the end of the day around sunset and that.

So clear water is hard to fish. Does that mean we should confine our fishing to lakes with murky water? Not at all; there's a lot of good bass fishing in clear-water . Growing up in west Texas and fishing off-colored lakes such as Colorado City, Twin Buttes, Thomas, E.V. Spence (or anywhere else we could find water), I never. "The beauty of fishing clear water that way is that many times you can He'll tie on a crankbait and hit as many main lake and secondary points.

"It can be awesome," praises 22 time Bassmaster Classic qualifier Gary Klein, who grew up fishing the deep, clear waters of California's Lake. He's a powerhouse when it comes to clearwater fishing and B.A.S.S. Northern Open on Lake St. Clair and clearwater cranking played a. When fishing a clear-water walleye lake, Takasaki always starts in the weeds. He tosses a leech-tipped jig into the pockets and slowly retrieves.