How to erase time machine drive

After DU loads select your hard drive (this is the entry with the mfgr.'s ID and size) from the left side list. Click on the Partition tab in the DU main. Go to Disk Utility, select the disk on the left, go to the Erase tab, specify the format as FAT32, enter a name and click Erase. If all repair attempts fail and even deleting the disk image doesn't make Time Machine happy, you can erase the entire disk. This procedure is.

Here's how to remove a disk from Time Machine backups if you're getting Time Machine preferences Remove Disk Button for removing a disk. Setting up the external drive to be used with Time Machine Note: Reformatting the drive will erase all data on the drive, so you should copy any data you. The Time Machine has been erratic lately: hasn. if I can just use the Airport Utility to erase the TM disk and start over with new backups. I don't.

If you use Time Machine to backup a Mac to an external drive, you Deleting Old Backups of Time Machine via Time Machine in Mac OS X. Deleting a Hard Drive from Time Machine Backup to Stop Backups to That Drive from a Mac. Note that you do not need to have the drive. Here's how to back up your computer in OS X using Time Machine and other If you run out of disk space, Time Machine will automatically erase the oldest.