How long to learn play framework mongo

The mongo module adds MongoDB support for the Play! framework. long count = // alternatively, pass a query string long toyotaCount. There is such site: Typesafe Activator / Templates. There are 2 templates with Reactive Mongo: 1, 2. A ReactiveMongo plugin is available for Play Framework, providing a reactive, ReactiveMongoPlugin is deprecated, long live to ReactiveMongoModule and ReactiveMongoApi. Play . See ReactiveMongo examples to learn how to use it.

In my own evaluation I was tempted by the ease of use offered by MongoDB but in the end Should I choose MongoDB or MySQL for a Play Framework based web application? Finding developers for it is far easier. How and where can I learn ERP-based web application development in a PHP framework and MySQL ?. mapping support so we rolled our own MongoDB Synchronous Scala Driver on top of the legacy java driver which I would like to shamelessly p Learn More case class DnsRecord(host: String = "", ttl: Long = 0, otherProps: Map[String. MongoDB is an open source document database that provides high performance , There is a plugin for the Play Framework called Play-ReactiveMongo. Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, interactive .

Contribute to ReactiveMongo/Play-ReactiveMongo development by creating an account on GitHub. ReactiveMongo plugin for Playframework . Learn more.