Chinese whole winter melon soup

Chinese winter melon soup is one of my all time favourite soups. If winter melon is unavailable, you can use a whole cucumber instead but. Winter melon soup looks very impressive and is very tasty. I am making an simple version of winter melon soup as it is difficult to find a whole, round 10 4 Chinese dried black mushrooms, soaked in boiling water to soften. Make this special Steamed Stuffed Winter Melon Soup the centerpiece of your table spread for a family reunion or gathering. It is exciting and.

I've always been in awe with the restaurant-styled whole winter melon soups – I mean, how on earth did they do that? They must have some. The soup is very easy to prepare and is perfect as a side for a weekday dinner. Winter melon is an indispensable vegetable for many Chinese families. Winter melon soup is reputed to be good for weight loss and anti-swelling. I usually buy sections instead of a whole melon from the supermarket because I.

1 whole winter melon, to serve six to eight people, and small the Chinese ham against the grain and put it into the cavity of the melon.